Torodon™ self-reinforcing Polypropylene (srPP) fabric is an exciting material that, when layered and thermoformed, exhibits a range of attractive properties. 100% recyclable, Torodon™ offers significant environmental benefits and with no glass reinforcement, there are considerable gains in both processing and machining. With opportunities in passenger luggage, armour, automotive and sportswear, Torodon™ holds an advantage over materials more traditionally used in these market areas.

Low density with good stiffness properties
Impact resistant at low temperatures > -40⁰C
Self-reinforcing – requires no glass/carbon fibres or resin matrix
Safer to handle and easier to machine than ‘glass’ or ‘fibre’ composites

Non-toxic and inert
Good resistance to chemical corrosion
Broad thermoforming window with the possibility of reduced cycle times
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