Following the official product launch at FSB Cologne in November 2017, the brand-new and pioneering range of DLG® grass yarns is set to redefine the synthetic turf industry throughout 2019 and beyond. Unique and revolutionary, the DLG® range of grass yarns, exceeds even the most stringent industry expectations and precedes current market offerings.

DLG®Endurance is a high-performance sports yarn, designed for the ultimate in punishment for the most demanding sports surfaces.

Athletes are looking for performance, reliability and consistency of surface every single time they play or train and DLG®Endurance gives them that. Pitch owners are looking for safety and return on investment. The advanced technology in DLG®Endurance assures them that they have made the right choice.

DLG®Endurance is a monofilament yarn explicitly designed for heavy-duty sports surfaces such as rugby, GAA, American football, mini football and more.

What makes DLG®Endurance stand out from the crowd?

A combination of cross-section, raw materials and state of the art machine technology, come together to bring unique ball roll characteristics, unparalleled fibre resilience with unrivalled fibre durability and UV resistance - this fibre is a game changer in sports surfacing.

Testing at Sports Labs proves the resilience, durability and UV resistance of the fibre as well as the skin friendliness. Tests made before and after fibre ageing show minimal change in performance. No sports fibre on the market can compete with DLG®Endurance in terms of performance and maintaining that performance over time. This fibre is the complete package for your intensively used sports surfaces. 

The addition of DLG® grass yarns to the portfolio cements Don & Low as a leader in research, development and innovation. 

For more information, visit DLG®Endurance 

With brands such as DLG®Stadium, DLG®Endurance, DLG®Competition, DLG®Competition+, DLG®StadiumFX , DLG®Garden and DLG®Eden, the new grass yarn range promises to deliver the performance characteristics promised with the ‘can do’ attitude to get the job done to the highest possible standard. Turf manufacturers can rest assured that Don & Low will tackle all of the technical details to ensure they deliver innovative and value-added DLG® yarns for their final artificial turf system.