Protective agritextiles promoting healthy growth

With vast experience in the design and manufacture of UV stabilised fabrics, Don & Low have created textiles which promote quality crop growth and increase yield.

Groshield® nonwoven is extensively used internationally as crop protection fleece, creating a microclimate to help extend the growing season, provide frost protection and reduce the need for insecticide.

WindrowTX® is the next generation in compost cover fabrics, designed to maximise breathability and durability while minimising the critical dimension of weight. This nonwoven fabric can be easily fabricated into compost covers for open windrow installations.

MyPex® and Lobrene® woven groundcover fabrics allow water to pass through, as well as creating an aerated environment in which plants thrive.

Lobrene® shade netting is a lightweight, high strength fabric, allowing controlled airflow and light transmission.

Daltex® nonwoven mulch fabrics are commonly used for weed suppression, preventing the growth of weeds and reducing the need for sprays.

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