Windrow TX® is a PP UV stabilised, nonwoven spunbond, specifically used as open windrow compost covers. Designed as a single layer cover to provide a physical barrier to the release of dust and bioaerosols, Windrow TX® also allows the windrow to breathe.

Windrow TX® provides open windrow installations with superior moisture control, e.g. sufficient air permeability, allowing the windrow to breathe plus water resistance to prevent ingress of rain and snow; this also acts as a protection barrier from the drying effects of the wind and sun.

The introduction of Windrow TX® reduces processing time and has been proven to increase compost yield. In fact, not only does Windrow TX® protect the open windrow from the elements, it also provides protection against (and reduces the number of) birds and insects on site.

Fully recyclable and with enhanced Odour reduction capabilities, Windrow TX® is a lightweight and cost-effective solution which aids compliance with SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) and The Organics Recycling group.


Lighter weight availability
Outstanding durability
Significant reduction in odour, dust and bio aerosols
Superior moisture control

Air permeable allowing the Windrow to breath
Water resistant to prevent ingress of rain and snow
Reduces processing time and increases yield
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