Lobrene® plain weave and lenoweave products are strong and durable polypropylene fabrics ideal for use in the construction of: floorcoverings, underlays, scrims, laminate substrates, reinforcement, ground covers, shade netting, windbreaks and composite hoses

Versatile, cost effective and recyclable Lobrene® fabrics provide a strong basis for a range of applications, as they can easily be incorporated into a variety of membranes and create a good bond between other materials.

Our flexibility allows us to produce materials with UV resistance and flame retardancy, as well as ensuring Lobrene® can be manufactured in different colours and is easily available in a range of roll widths and lengths depending on customer requirements.

money_009-money_flow-finance-business-cash Created with Sketch. Cost effective Solution
100% Recyclable
Excellent bonding properties
Outstanding versatility

Superior flexibility

Additional Lobrene® Products

Lobrene® GroundCover Agriculture Ground Covers
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Lobrene® Shade Netting Agriculture Shade Netting
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Lobrene® Scaffolding Construction Temporary Site Protection
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Lobrene® Lamination Reinforcements Industrial Reinforcement
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Lobrene® Underlays Floorcoverings Underlay Substrates
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