Our Lowbond™ Ultra filtration nonwovens have also been designed and engineered in partnership with our customers to create solutions for some of the most demanding applications. Specifically developed to offer a product with optimum fabric softness and maximum air permeability, Lowbond™ Ultra provides more value with less fabric.

Lowbond™ Ultra maximises and maintains, coupled with superior dust loading capacity, increased efficiency and filter life. Produced from polypropylene and therefore with excellent chemical resistance, Lowbond™ Ultra provides maximum air permeability.

The diverse nature of our fabrics ensures they can be used in a variety of air filtration devices, helping to remove a wide range of contaminants from the air including: dust, pollen, mould and bacteria.

The industry standard, EN779:2012, defines filter efficiency dust holding capability and effect on pressure drop. The material characteristics, including fibre diameter, porosity, air permeability and thickness, classify our nonwoven polypropylene spunbond Lowbond™ and Lowbond™ Ultra, as G4 and M5 respectively.

Optimum fabric softness
Maximum air permeability
Introduction of bulk into the fabric
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