Our Lowbond™ filtration nonwovens have been designed and engineered in partnership with our customers to create solutions for some of the most demanding applications. Specifically developed to enhance softness, handle and introduce bulk into the filtration fabric, Lowbond™ only has a bonded area of 8%.

Lowbond™ maximises and maintains, coupled with superior dust loading capacity, increased efficiency and filter life. Produced from polypropylene and therefore with excellent chemical resistance, Lowbond™ has high air permeability.

The diverse nature of our fabrics ensures they can be used in a variety of air filtration devices, helping to remove a wide range of contaminants from the air including: dust, pollen, mould and bacteria.

The industry standard, EN779:2012, defines filter efficiency dust holding capability and effect on pressure drop. The material characteristics, including fibre diameter, porosity, air permeability and thickness, classify our nonwoven polypropylene spunbond Lowbond™ and Lowbond™ Ultra, as G4 and M5 respectively.

Good fabric softness
Excellent air permeability
Introduction of bulk into the fabric
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