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Finding New Applications for Synthetic Turf

There are numerous reasons behind the increased popularity of synthetic turf, particularly for today’s landscape and recreational surfaces. Through enhanced technology and innovation, as well as a more open and accepting society, synthetic turf solutions have been incorporated in a variety applications:

  • Gardens 
  • Rooftops 
  • In parks 
  • On traffic medians
  • Roundabouts
  • Racing circuits
  • Company logos
  • Airport decoration
  • Runway surrounds 
  • Shop floors and display areas
  • In restaurants 
  • On hotel balconies, boats
  • Walkways
  • In areas with high foot traffic
  • At music and other outdoor events
  • All kinds of festivals and fairgrounds
  • In marquees
  • Outside caravan doors
  • Under tents
  • In car boots
  • On building facades
  • Driving ranges 
  • Swimming pool surrounds 
  • On and around bowling greens 
  • For croquet 
  • In gyms and fitness centres
  • Indoor arenas
  • Dog kennels
  • Dog shows
  • In aviaries
  • Chicken runs
  • As military camouflage
  • Business and commercial buildings
  • Landfill covers 
  • At kindergartens 
  • In school playgrounds 
  • Public playgrounds 
  • Safety areas
  • Ski resorts


Beautifully landscaped synthetic turf is the perfect alternative to natural grass, especially in places where grass can’t grow or be effectively maintained.

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