FrameTX® is a single layer polypropylene fabric, specifically developed as high-performance air and vapour permeable breather membranes for use in timber and steel frame constructions. Once completed, the high-water vapour permeability of FrameTX® allows the controlled escape of vapour from within the timber frame whilst restricting the ingress of rain and moisture.

Designed to allow the ready transfer of moisture and air through the membrane, FrameTX® reduces the risk of condensation in the wall structure and provides effective protection of timber frames during construction, against wind driven rain, snow and dust.

Extensively used in timber frame construction for over 20 years, FrameTX® is a flexible and lightweight product which offers temporary protection for timber and steel frames against the elements.

In the UK and Republic of Ireland, this product is distributed under the brand Frameshield® by A Proctor Group.

Protects against wind driven rain, snow and dust
Excellent breathability
Stabilised against UV degradation