Lotrak® geosynthetics are crucial in effectively managing erosion by establishing a reliable barrier between water, soil, and rock particles. These geosynthetics effectively prevent the displacement and transport of these particles, mitigating the detrimental effects of erosion, such as soil loss and landscape degradation. By implementing Lotrak® geosynthetics strategically, erosion can be controlled, ensuring the long-term stability and preservation of the environment.

Water, the most aggressive force of erosion, impacts coastlines, rivers, and hillsides. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to the elements can lead to soil erosion. Lotrak® geotextiles solve various forms of erosion by creating a protective barrier between water, soil, and rock particles. This separation prevents erosion-prone areas like coastlines or riverbanks from being affected by the corrosive effects of water, effectively preventing the dislodging and transportation of soil and rock particles into the sea or downstream.

In addition, Lotrak® geotextiles contribute to controlling water flow resulting from surface or hill erosion caused by rainfall, thereby minimizing the risk of landslides. Alternatively, these geotextiles can be utilized as temporary covers to facilitate the establishment of hillside vegetation, aiding in erosion control.

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