D&L Meltblown fabrics, MeltTX®, are produced using the most up-to-date manufacturing processes available with additional line features such as control of key process settings for material optimisation, in-line measurement, and control of air permeability, bespoke melt additives and colours available for enhanced fabric properties, and thermal flat calendar for in-line lamination.

With the capability to produce fine fibres, ideally suited for the filtration of respirable particles, MeltTX® fabrics provide air filtration applications with excellent barrier and filtration properties.

Available in weights ranging from 13 – 300g/m2 (PP) and 30 – 200g/m2 (TPU), MeltTX® nonwovens are perfectly suited for applications such as industrial respirators, vacuum cleaner bags, automotive cabin filters, and microbiological filters.

MeltTX® fabrics also have the following advantages for filtration products:

  • Available in widths up to 160 cm
  • Available in various colours
  • Melt additives to give enhanced fabric properties, such as UV stability and hydrophobicity
  • Electrostatic charging of filaments for enhanced sub-micron particle filtration
  • In-line measurement and control of air permeability
  • In-line thermal flat calendaring
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