Air filtration units are responsible for keeping the air clean and healthy, which is particularly important to maintain air quality in indoor environments.

With an open, fibrous structure Daltex, Lowbond™ and Lowbond™ Ultra provide pre-filter applications with high air permeability while reducing particle intake and removing solid particulates from the air.

Providing structural support to finer filter medium, our materials retain an extremely low resistance to air flow throughout the service life of the filter unit. Completely manufactured from polypropylene, with a thickness of around 1mm, all of our products can be ultrasonically welded into filter housings for easy fabrication.

Increasing the overall efficiency of a filter can be achieved by using several layers of nonwoven fibrous materials. With facilities to produce both discrete and laminated rolled goods, we can combine standard Daltex® filtration nonwovens with MeltTX® for the filtration of very fine particles in a variety of pre-filter applications.

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