Lotrak® 40/40S is a premium biaxial geogrid specially engineered to deliver reliable ground stabilisation and reinforcement in permanent and temporary applications. Its high strength and low elongation ensure effective reinforcement in various applications. Lotrak 40/40S geogrids can be used both to decrease the fill material thickness and to increase the bearing capacity of the underlying soil material. The apertures of the biaxial geogrids aid in aggregate interlock, thus allowing for effective reinforcement and soil confinement. Lotrak 40/40S geogrids can also be used to construct mattresses to be placed on soft soils. 

Lotrak® 40/40S is a reliable option for achieving superior ground stability and reinforcement, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance given its product design life expectancy of 100 years in soils temperatures of < 25o

High performance reinforcement
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High tensile strength
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