Lotrak® 200 is a mechanically bonded needle-punched nonwoven geotextile designed to withstand a wide range of granular materials while maintaining excellent filtration capabilities. As a result, it is an ideal choice for filtration applications. 

This geotextile has received approval from Network Rail, as evidenced by the Certificate of Acceptance PA05/06066, for drainage applications as a pipe or trench wrap. It also conforms to NR/SP/TRK/010 'Geotextiles' (Catalogue Number: 057/101450), ensuring its compliance with industry standards.

The primary purpose of Lotrak® 200 is to provide superior mechanical strength in separation and filtration applications. In addition, it offers reliable performance and durability when faced with larger granular materials, making it a dependable solution for various construction projects.

Lotrak® 200's mechanical bonding and needle-punched nonwoven structure ensure its ability to withstand challenging conditions while effectively filtering unwanted particles. Whether used in drainage systems or other geotechnical applications, Lotrak® 200 delivers the necessary strength and filtration capabilities for optimal performance.

Proven separator performance
Effective filtration capabilities
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