Lotrak® 300 is a mechanically bonded nonwoven geotextile that demonstrates a high tensile and CBR to offer an element of protection, in addition to the standard requirements of separation and filtration.

Lotrak® 300 is a heavier weight geotextile with both mechanical and hydraulic properties to address the more demanding end of the separation/filtration market and start of the membrane protection market.

In applications such as attenuation SUDS systems or small pond/lagoon applications, Lotrak® 300 offers effective protection of the impermeable liner.

Lotrak® 300 is approved by Network Rail (Certificate of Acceptance PA05/06066) as a separator in track formation between ballast and sand or stone blanket and conforms to NR/SP/TRK/010 ‘Geotextiles’.  (PADS Number: 057/101451)

The main purpose of this geotextile is to offer higher mechanical properties to address membrane protection applications in addition to standard separation and filtration.

Superior Strength Resistance
Increased mechanical strength
Excellent separation and filtration capabilities
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