Lotrak® 300 is a mechanically bonded nonwoven geotextile that provides standard separation and filtration capabilities and enhanced protection. With its high tensile strength and CBR (California Bearing Ratio), Lotrak® 300 offers additional safeguarding in various applications.

This geotextile is suited explicitly for demanding separation, protection and filtration tasks. Its heavier-weight construction, combined with mechanical and hydraulic properties, caters to the more rigorous requirements of these applications.

Lotrak® 300 excels in scenarios such as attenuation Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and small pond/lagoon installations, effectively shielding the impermeable liner from potential damage.

Furthermore, Lotrak® 300 has received approval from Network Rail, as indicated by the Certificate of Acceptance PA05/06066. It is suitable for use as a separator in track formation, particularly between ballast and sand or stone blanket, aligning with the specifications outlined in NR/SP/TRK/010 'Geotextiles' (Catalogue Number: 057/101451).

The primary purpose of Lotrak® 300 is to offer superior mechanical properties for membrane protection applications in addition to its standard separation and filtration functions required in applications such as tree root protection. Whether reinforcing track formations or safeguarding impermeable liners, Lotrak® 300 provides reliable performance and peace of mind.

Superior Strength Resistance
Increased mechanical strength
Excellent separation and filtration capabilities
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