Lotrak® Base, a woven polypropylene geotextile, is an excellent choice where separation is the key function of your product. Its primary objective is to effectively prevent the erosion and loss of construction aggregates into the underlying soil.

Widely utilized in major highway projects and expansive paved areas like car parks, Lotrak® Base demonstrates its suitability as a reliable geotextile. Providing a robust separation barrier ensures the integrity and stability of construction materials, minimizing the risk of aggregate displacement and optimizing long-term performance.

Widely available from an extensive portfolio of distributors across the UK, Lotrak® Base positions itself as the only market-leading standard-grade geotextile manufactured in the UK.  

Lightweight separator
Helps reduce carbon footprint
Cost effective solution
Lotrak® Separation CE English Download
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Lotrak® Separation UKCA English Download
Lotrak® Base CE English Download
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