Lotrak® Alarm15 is a groundbreaking solution designed to address the increasing need for identifying contaminated ground in industrial land reclamation projects. With its impressive tensile strength, CBR properties, and distinctive visual appearance, Lotrak® Alarm15 is an effective underground warning system.

Building upon the success of the established Lotrak® Base, Lotrak® Alarm15 excels as a separating geotextile in various civil engineering applications. In addition, its high visibility makes it tailored explicitly as a marker geomembrane for contaminated ground.

Don & Low, leveraging their expertise and market knowledge, have created this versatile geosynthetic material by combining various factors. As the demand for suitable building land grows, the reclamation of industrial zones has become commonplace. Lotrak® Alarm15 plays a crucial role in environmental construction by notifying future contractors and excavators of hidden hazards that are often buried and contained underground instead of being removed.

Product Features:

  • Excellent tensile strength and CBR properties
  • Prominent visual appearance
  • Functions effectively as a separating geotextile in diverse civil engineering applications


  • Demonstrated superior performance
  • Resistant to UV degradation and highly durable
  • Highly visible, ensuring enhanced safety and hazard identification


Proven superior performance
UV resistant and durable
Highly Visible
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